Monday, January 2, 2006

Entry #216
I post-poned the ECO training (wow, that looks stupid) until next week.
I want to record my three big lifts so I can accurately gauge how much
the new routine has helped in terms of strength. For today, bench
press: 225lbs, 4 reps.
Suffered a severe muscle cramp in my calf for what seemed like no
reason at all. Was pushing off the platform to do dips when it
happened. Possible reasons:
> Strain on my legs during bench press. Use them as a base, but don't have the muscles exploding out of the skin. Relax.
> Not enough warm-up. I ran for five minutes and did the warm-up
sets, but prior to the gym I was just kicking back at home, and then I
came here and suddenly got into training mode.
> I'm an economic girly man.
They feel better now, anyways. Heavy bag practice afterwards. Meal plan went great today.