Monday, September 11, 2006

Entry #323

Replaced resistance day for lower body with bodyweight drills due to lingering throe in my back. Barbell squats require too much stability from the back for comfort in this condition. Felt extremely light on my toes with shootfighters, though legs felt shaky after a few sets from the unfamiliar rep range.

At this point I'm most comfortable with the brief, burst movement that powerlifting entails. I wonder how much of an influence this has on my style of fighting. My guess would be little. My contention with muscle endurance seems to be specific enough to not be much of an issue; I feel like I can go all day in sparring and bag training, just not these exercises. Food for thought.

Attempt for the following set of boot~strappers resulted in increased back pain, so I cut it short. I'm stretching in the evening to relieve this.

Shadowboxing and bag~work are currently on hold.


  1. That's why I don't even bother to train muscular endurance independent of the sport itself anymore.  I'm major on specificity, and I feel what better way to improve your endurance and fighting than fighting, or performing drills that mimic it.  Maximal strength training is much harder to train in terms of specificity however, and as such typically requires the outside training such as powerlifting/strongman style stuff.

  2. ugh i sware some of them can be a pain. how have you been? i miss talking to you!