Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Entry #304

ME upper~body

Continued on with floor presses. The movement still feels awkward. 275 lbs didn't feel like much. Probably could have gone for more than just singles with that weight. Hopefully this carries over.

Pullups were much easier, probably due in part to losing weight. Widened the grip to compensate. I should start to look towards adding resistance on them.

Went hiking on a trail with George. Killed my legs. I was still sore from yesterday.


  1. Shouldn't you be doing way more on the floor presses given the short range of motion?

  2. The technique of it still feels awkward for me. I failed at 285, despite the fact that I can do that on bench.

  3. Usually you pause on a floor press at the bottom (because otherwise you'll slam your elbows down ) which is why you can't use as much weight.