Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Entry #274

Attempted a bench press variation today with floor presses. Didn't go so well. I thought I'd be able to slide under the bar to assume pressing position with 45 lb plates on each end, but I could only fit by raising it while I lay under. That definitely wouldn't work with 315 lbs. As I was doing the initial set of 135, the pain in my shoulder felt worse than ever -- and this wasn't even as full a ROM as bench press. It still didn't affect my performance, and I could have worked through it if I wanted to, but I decided to not press my luck with this. I just did bodybuilding stuff instead, supersetting biceps and triceps (exercises that would not aggravate my shoulder). Actually, I would say that today was the most painful workout I've ever experienced because of the blood rush. I have stretch-marks on my biceps from doing super-sets today.

I also did the entire rack of weight for tricep pushdowns for 10 reps. I hate machines. It wasn't all fooling around, though. I tried out elbow-extensions, a tricep movement specifically prescribed for powerlifters looking to build up that area.


  1. Son of a...I hope the shoulder gets better, nigz.

  2. Yeah man, long time not comment. Hope your fighting is going good. I've been watching UFC a shitload lately. Best of luck. Peace. -Spence.