Thursday, April 13, 2006

Entry #260
Ran to the high school, but my shins started dying near the end (it was supposed to be a warm-up run). To make matters worse, the track was being used by one of the school teams. I walked back and used the heavy bag at home instead. Roundhoused it 'till my shins were sore, and I went bare-knuckle on it a few rounds. I regret not making a more organized session out of it, actually. The pool is closed until May, by the way. I wanted to use it this month.

Also, the pool party thing wasn't today. It's on Saturday. One of the wrestlers wants to spar me. It's on a lifting day, though.


  1. I would always give up lifting for sparring.  Fresh and good sparring partners are few and far between.  The weights aren't going anywhere.

  2. It's a birthday party, though. Chances are it's just gonna be a casual, goofing-off kind of thing for five minutes. I was assessing it as that, rather than a serious opportunity. Otherwise yeah, agreed 100%.