Monday, January 2, 2006

Entry #216
I post-poned the ECO training (wow, that looks stupid) until next week.
I want to record my three big lifts so I can accurately gauge how much
the new routine has helped in terms of strength. For today, bench
press: 225lbs, 4 reps.
Suffered a severe muscle cramp in my calf for what seemed like no
reason at all. Was pushing off the platform to do dips when it
happened. Possible reasons:
> Strain on my legs during bench press. Use them as a base, but don't have the muscles exploding out of the skin. Relax.
> Not enough warm-up. I ran for five minutes and did the warm-up
sets, but prior to the gym I was just kicking back at home, and then I
came here and suddenly got into training mode.
> I'm an economic girly man.
They feel better now, anyways. Heavy bag practice afterwards. Meal plan went great today.


  1. "Economic girly man", haha. Keep training hard!!!

  2. Water could be the issue, along with potassium (wtf sp plz?)

  3. Once my right calf was cramping up like crazy in the middle of a leg workout. I stopped and stretched both calves for like ten minutes and then I was fine.economic girly man?? that's pretty funny!-katie