Saturday, October 1, 2005

Entry #176
Stacked 315 lbs on the bar for deadlifts before I had to stop at just 2 reps. Notes:

> These were standard deadlifts rather than box ones, which I always
do. I figured they would be easier since they don't go as deep, but it
was actually much harder. Muscles are under constant pressure, rather
than getting a break at the bottom the way a platform allows.

> First time doing this lift in more than a month due to strained back.

> Heaviest I've ever done and I'm trying to raise the weight too fast.

> Concentrated on keeping arched back and driving up with my legs (this was a problem for me before).

Had to settle for 275 lbs at 7 reps. This got significantly easier the
more I did it. I suspect the strength is there, I just need to get used
to the form. Definitely ditching the box next time, unless I want to do
stiff-legged ones on leg day to work hamstrings.

Worked the heavy bag, but was having trouble generating decent power in
my strikes. My arms are gassed out. Moved on to kicks instead.
Sometimes I have trouble deciding whether I should push past fatigue
and continue boxing drills, or to stop so I don't practice bad form. I
guess it depends on the situation and to whether or not I can maintain
it. I don't think I've picked up bad habits, though. I've learned to
throw a punch from friends with martial art backgrounds, and through sparring, but my foot-work is pretty
sloppy, as mentioned earlier. Then again I've never payed attention to
it, so the least I can say is I won't have to unlearn anything when I
take classes.