Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Entry #166
Hit the weights today. Did bench press at 195 lbs for six reps. Am
anxious to raise the weight, but I have to stick to the routine for
now. My ego wants to go back up to 225 lbs for 2-3 reps.  My lip
started bleeding and running down my face because I was biting it again
during the heavy parts. Seems like it's a habit.

I'm 184 lbs with clothes. I attribute this to my pre-bedtime meal. I take this right before bed.
1 bagel slice for carbohydrates
2 1/2 scoops of casein protein powder with 20 oz of milk
3 spoons of flax-seed oil

It tastes disgusting, by the way.

Made sure I took the time to do stretches. I'm getting closer to the
ground with the splits. Also practiced some martial art forms for
further flexibility exercise.