Friday, August 26, 2005

Entry #157
Not much training accomplished since Monday, but I've been doing much
studying. Revamped my entire routine. In addition to two new
powerlifting programs, I'm using a proper endurance plan to use on my
off days. The first powerlifting program is from a Muscle and Fitness
issue. I've read it over and it sounds like a solid strength routine.
After 8 weeks of this, I'm going to be switching to something far more
advanced. This second one has some insane techniques in it. I actually
think I need to train more just to be able to do it haha. I'll post
both of them soon, along with my endurance training.

Diet was good for a few days, but then motivation gradually dropped.
Right now I'm eating a huge dinner consisting of three different kinds
of beef, and I plan on going to bed earlier so I can wake up and eat a
bigger breakfast. So, I'm getting back on track. I lost a lot of weight
'cuz of slacking off. I might be down to 175 now actually. I'll make it