Monday, August 15, 2005

Entry #149
I'm amazed. In my own time I thought I'd been doing the most intense
training, but some of the fighters I threw hands with were on a whole
different level. I have to learn to control my body like that. I'm
doing great with strength training. I don't even think they were
physically stronger than me. However, their technique was strides over
mine. I'm going to continue getting stronger, but I definitely
have more work to do.

Videos (I'm in the blue sleeveless shirt): Highlight video. I'm seen walking across the mat at one point, and at the end where I'm sparring George. I'm
not a ground-fighter, but I tried anyways...I did alright at the
beginning. I mounted him but was a little hesitant to attack him from
that position; it was a light sparring match, so I was wondering how
hard my punches should be. He returned the favor at the end. Was a good
experience nonetheless. I kept trying to get him in stand-up but he
insisted on tackling me and taking me to the ground. Not
that great, this was the last fight and I was pretty tired. No
headshots allowed either, because we didn't have headgear for that
round. Though now that I watch it, that bastard got me in the head
a bunch of times haha. I'm only putting this up so everyone can see me
getting kicked in the back of the head, courtesy of George.

Disappointed with a lot, but it really just makes me more
excited to get stronger and better. I like the challenge. (Arnold
voice) I'll be back.