Sunday, August 14, 2005

Entry #148
Throwdown was awesome. Why can't high school kids have parties like
THAT? I got kicked in the head twice. Good way to end the day. But
I apologize for any lack of coherent sentence structure; as a result of
the blows I'm slowly losing consciousness as I type this. Arteriovenous
malformations forming in brain cavity, acute kidney failure, sudden
drowsiness, vile after-taste in back of the mouth...yes, I am dying.
Heart-rate is now deaccelerating to bare minimum. Well I sure
as hell am gonna finish updating before I die.

Am waiting for opportunities for hosting sparring videos up. Until then here are some blurry photos.

Me outside, wondering why George is taking my picture instead of fighting.


George being George, right before his match. Never a good thing.


George and some dancing guy. Just kidding, that was a good, fast-paced match.


Me versus George. Ditched the headgear.


The videos will be a lot cooler. I have to mention my best friend
Chelsea. And Chris. They sent me ninja swords. Everyone, write
this down and take notes.

 I owe you Chelsea.