Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Entry #146
DEATH Chest Day (haha, © by Bradley - the man is a genius)

Bench press: 5 sets; 12, 10, 2, 2, 2 reps (135 lbs, 155 lbs warm-up, 225 lbs last 3 reps)
sound like much, but I did it without a spotter. It's kinda weird - the
first rep is getting easier and easier, but the second stays the same,
and nothing beyond that.

Plus the other ones that don't really matter in a powerlifting routine.

This was the most painful training I've ever done. My lip
started bleeding because I was biting it so hard. I couldn't raise my
arms afterwards to wash my face.

It's the times like these, when you keep pushing your body, and
you keep lifting while ignoring the pain, and ignoring your muscles
when they're screaming at you to stop...those are the good times,
friends. Let us cherish these moments. Like the monkey in the pinata,
hiding amongst the candy, waiting for the kids. 

 The training session also left me insane.