Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Entry #121
Full body soreness. My legs got worse and worse, too. Push-ups
definitely suffered; I opted for 20 one-handed push-ups on each arm
instead. They're easier on my pecs and harder on my shoulders
(chest is completely blasted). Attempted to do boxing drills on the
heavy bag but my form was lagging because of early muscle
fatigue. I went bare-knuckle for conditioning my fists so at least
I got something out of it. Instead of combinations I worked on power
shots. Had to make do with what I was capable of doing. 

Rene actually suggested I should visit a massage therapist once
a week for muscle soreness. But I'm immature and told him "NO WAY."

Looks like I have to wait a day longer to check out Cung Le's school.