Thursday, June 23, 2005

Entry #115
Los Angeles was productive at least. The weightroom left me with little
variety, however, so I just did bodybuilding exercises. There were no
barbells and the heaviest dumbbells were 50 lbs. I taped two dumbbells
together for each hand for compensation. Also, I went barefoot, like

I think I drove my relatives insane with my obsession for food, but
I was able to pick up appropriate meals at a supermarket near the
hotel. To my luck, there was also a Vitamin Shoppe near it, and I
picked up some protein shakes. I also had my aunt and uncle read my
Arnold magazine. They don't speak english so they couldn't read the
articles, but I could tell they were motivated enough to take up
lifting. I think. Off-topic: I went to Vans skatepark on Tuesday over
there and it was great.

Today I had no method of transportation to the gym; had to make do
with what I had in the backyard, and do a bodybuilding workout for
traps and biceps.