Sunday, June 12, 2005

Entry #111
Glad that summer is here so I can train by myself without distractions.

I guess I'll allow one cheat day on my training log for today. Went
to a party with George. I ate like a savage. Good bulking meals. Meat
meat and meat. And then for dessert, meat. George and I were talking
about something cool, probably Warhammer or Arnold Schwarzenegger or
something, when "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" comes on the speakers.
George smacks his forehead and says "Argh I hate this."
J.C.: "What, girls just wanna have fun, George."
George: "Well we should convert girls to usable fuel, then."
J.C.: "Why don't you like two need to get laid."
George: "No."
J.C.: "Well, you can kick ass and get laid at the same time, you know."
Me: "Hey, yeah. Except for the getting laid part."
"Yeah, I'm fine with kicking ass, of course. That sounds like a good
idea right now." Then he grabs my throat and I punch him back in the

Then we go on the driveway and spar. It was dark so I don't know
what happened. I believe it ended in a draw. I mostly just did boxing.
I was full of meat and didn't have the patience to attempt sidekicks.

He dropped me off and I told I'll see him in Hell. He said he'll be there first. But we'll see.

Listen, next week is summer vacation. Nothing but training, nothing
but getting stronger. So this was off-topic. But don't think I'm gonna
go soft on you guys.