Monday, May 30, 2005

Entry #102
This is a pointless post. In fact, as I write this I am going insane.
I've been doing homework all day. I'm never going to take a day off
training ever ever ever again. I have so much energy right now I'm
going to break Jared's record of 400 push-ups in a few minutes. I've
just been sitting here doing a comic for homework. It's pretty cool.
Maybe I'll scan it. It's about a guy who goes to work but his office
gets attacked by zombies so he rips off his suit and fights the zombies
with heavy artillery. That includes his fists. One day that will be me.
I'm looking at my arm in the mirror and the entire thing is covered
with huge veins. They're like a roadmap on my arm. I'm going to bench
300 tomorrow, too. BANG BANG BANG