Sunday, May 22, 2005

Entry #98
Worked with heavier weights today. Squats = 225 pounds. Leg press = 600
pounds. I have to admit I made a lot of noise today. It was a Sunday
night and there wasn't anyone there, anyways. Leg day is the most
painful, I think; I couldn't help but shout a little. It helped me get
the weight up, though. I'm getting closer and closer to Fred "Dr.
Squat" Hatfield and his 1,014 pound squat. Just a matter of time. In
between sets I used the speedbag.

Yesterday I hung out with George but we didn't fight. We did see
Star Wars Ep 3 and after we practiced pull-ups for the pull-up
competition at school next week. Each got to 15. Will practice up more.
It probably isn't a good idea to enter a pull-up contest in the middle
of gaining weight but oh well. Just for fun.