Monday, May 16, 2005

Entry #95
Hah this was funny.

Rene: When you and George fight, do you do headshots?
Me: If we have gloves at the time, yeah.
Rene: What if I fought you with no gloves?
Me: That'd be awesome.
Rene: You'd really do it? What if I had you on the ground and I was beating your face?
Me: Then I'd get my face beat, haha.
But like, in sports I get crazy and I keep going. Like in football I go
"RAAAAARGHH YEAH" in the guy's face after tackle. And what if I kept
pounding and pounding your face?
Me: I'd tell you to punch harder, wimp.
Rene: Haha.

That would be cool to spar Rene. I think he's more a straight
bodybuilder, though, not a fighter. As for today, just did rounds of
shadow boxing. Gonna hit the chest exercises tomorrow at the gym.