Sunday, May 15, 2005

Entry #94
Productive gym day. Started the powerlifting program over, so I did
squat day today. 205 pounds, 8 reps. Hope to raise that dramatically in
the next few weeks. Also raised the weight on leg press to 550 pounds,
but I feel I can go higher next time.

George came over and we went to the high school football field to
practice pull-ups for the contest. We each can do 15 with proper form,
more if we cheat on the remaining reps and use some body motion. Then
we had a climbing race by going up climbing up the back of
the bleachers. He won but I was wearing skate shoes and I kept
slipping. Afterwards we thought how cool it would be to climb the
stadium light and do pull-ups on the very top. The fear of death would
motivate you to keep going. Sounds like a plan.