Saturday, May 14, 2005

Entry #93
George was telling me about a pull-up contest. Marines are coming to
the high-school to host it. I think I'll work for it if I can find
a good schedule to fit in endurance training. Anyways, we watched Clint
Eastwood movies until he had to leave for prom. I called him a wimp and
he shook his fist at me. That's the confirmation for a fight sometime
soon, so looking forward to that. Later I did boxing practice on the
bag for 10 rounds. Definitely need a heavier bag. Mine was flopping all
over the place. It's harder than most others I've tried before, though,
so my knuckles are beat again. Developing a solid hook, which I've
never really practiced before. Afterwards I worked on side-kicks. Total
of training was about 5 hours. Was a very good night, I'd say.
Entry #92
Woke up and realized my back pain was completely gone. Feels great.
Yesterday I was practically a cripple, now I'm better than ever. Been
eating well, especially at breakfast. Just had breakfast along with 4
scoops of N-Large, 1 spoon of flax oil, and a multi-vitamin pill.
Oh, I watched PUNISHER while I was eating, too. Gonna head over to
George's, but I don't think he wants to spar since he has to leave
for prom in a few hours. Wimp. Will update after training, today.