Sunday, May 8, 2005

Entry #86
My muscles around the groin area are kind of sore. I took a break from
kicking and just did boxing practice on the bag. Five rounds, three
minutes each, one minute rest in between. Getting much more proficient
at combinations. I also practiced on good, fast jabs. I was kinda
impressed by this Muhammad Ali fight they had on ESPN today, haha. Ali
versus Chuvero. He never seemed to suffer from fatigue, all the way up
to the 15th round. His punches never slowed down. His jabs looked like
they took no effort to move that fast.

I have my new powerlifting routine all set-up, and I'm gonna start tomorrow:
Yes, it's on a bodybuilding site, but they have some good powerlifters on there too.

Also, to continue my bad habit of going off-topic: this is my favorite comic ever.