Friday, April 8, 2005

Entry #70
Basketball all day today. After school I played Carlos, Alexi,
and Jean (wow, what a group) in the school gym. I did so much
jumping I had massive cramps in my calves after a bit. I was jumping to
grab the rim and all of a sudden my leg muscles feel like they
exploded. Also, Carlos wanted me to hold my hand out and give him a
boost so he could reach up and grab the ball when was it was stuck in
the overhang. Instead I reach down to his legs and throw him up
practically, but he kicked me accidentally in the groin. I had to
work with cramped up legs and sore groin. Good training, I say. When we
were taking a break these girls who were watching wanted to know how to
do a kick-up so I showed them. And then I showed Carlos how to do
one-handed push-ups. I was able to do 12, but he couldn't do any yet.
He wants me to train him in boxing, so that should be interesting.

Tomorrow should be another good fighting day with George. Hopefully I'll check out the muay thai school on Sunday.