Monday, April 4, 2005

Entry #68
Intense as hell today (chest, tris, abs). Noticed my chest is much
thicker in the last few months. Thinking about bringing a
small notepad and a pen next time I lift. During exercises I'll
often have a question or two in the back of my head about it and I make
a mental note to research it at home, and then later I forget. I'll
look like a big dork, but oh well. If I write fast I should still have
45 seconds for a stretch between sets (1 minute break in total between
each set).

As for actual fighting, decided not to use shin guards next time.
Not that we did before, but my shin got destroyed on Saturday and
that's what I suggested. Instead I've decided to build on my weakness
and spend time conditioning my shins on the punching bag. (Haha next is
my head! I'll train by headbutting a brick wall 1,000 times
everyday. Then I can headbutt thugs and kill them.)