Monday, March 28, 2005

Entry #64
Felt sick today; sore throat and bad headache. Didn't affect lifting at
all. Form is better than ever. I also felt like I was lifting more
"explosively". Good workout for chest, tris, and abs. Actually, I hate
the phrase "workout". Whenever I picture a workout I get an image in my
head of those fruity TV guys bouncing up and down on a ball or
something. And "working out", what exactly are you doing? It sounds
like you're working out fat and trying to lose weight. What if I'm
trying to "work in" muscle and I'm not trying to lose anything? Those
corporate bastards.

Going to bed early tonight, 9:15, which is what time I should go
everynight. Gonna make 8 hours or more of sleep a priority from now on.

Scope out my blood-soaked gloves. Actually, that's red paint from
Halloween when George and I punched through a red wall. I'm
definitely not gonna wash these.