Friday, March 25, 2005

Entry #62
Last two days have been recuperation. Resting in order to build the
muscle, and unfortunately also taking a break from striking practice.
Everytime I throw a punch my traps hurt (muscle right below the
shoulders on the back), so mostly I've just been doing kicks, which
also aren't my best because my hamstrings are very sore from deadlifts.
I guess resting is just a part of all of this.

Feel like going off-topic a little bit, since there's been little
training other than eating 8 meals a day. Today I got God of War for
PS2 and this awesome Clint Eastwood movie, High Plains Drifter. It's
about this guy Eastwood plays known as "Drifter". He goes into town and
kills everyone after getting harassed by some thugs, and then he
renames the town "Hell". So when George comes over tomorrow we're going
to watch that and play God of War before going out for the fight. Also,
watched a lot of Rocky today. They've been showing that on TV.

Cannot wait to go fighting.