Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Entry #60
Very intense shoulder routine at the gym after school. I found that
mental focus is more beneficial regards to lifting than I initially
thought. Was doing military press and I was only able to about 4 reps.
Got me mad and on the second set I pretended I was fighting, and each
rep was a punch. I completed 7 reps like that. Supersets at the
end were torture; could barely feel my shoulders.

After that I played basketball with this huge guy whom I call
Coach (he pretends he's my trainer) and Coach's friend, who's pretty
small. But they both have the age advantage over me (must be around
25). Playing against this guy is like fighting. He tackled me
500 times. In the middle of it I had to wait in the bathroom
because I was on the verge of puking. Been happening a lot after
lifting lately. At least I know I have good intensity level.

Going to check out Rey's Muay Thai school this weekend.