Thursday, March 17, 2005

Entry #57
Renee isn't in my PE class anymore, he's going for track. I would go
but I'd rather focus on weightlifting. Now PE is bad again. I liked the
competition. Hah we were actually comparing arm sizes in the locker
room one time. And then this skinny guy named Jason
would come in our row and go "Heyyy you guys how do I
make my chest big?" And Renee would tell him "Boys don't care
about your chest size, Jason, but I guess you can stuff your bra
and see how that works." Jason: "Aw c'mon guys, that's
not funny! Nyehh..." But it was.

No more off-topics, today I mixed a few things up in my chest/tricep
routine. Skipped super-sets because it didn't feel like they were
working my chest as much as they did my arms. Just felt like it was a
test of arm endurance and it didn't feel like I was lifting heavy
enough to fulfill my potential.

I'm looking for a muay thai school around here. I can't wait. I
promised George I'd teach him muay thai since he's taught me so much
tae kwon do.