Saturday, March 5, 2005

Entry #50
George came over today and we played videogames at first. Tekken 5 made
us restless so afterwards we took a walk to Vasona Park. Talked about
our new movie we're making. Called "Death From Above". Those who have
seen our first film "Pow Pow Punishment" can expect better martial art

Had a fight in the park. It was full-contact, but no headshots due
to zero protective gear (though maybe we shouldn't let a little thing
like that stop us next time). I actually managed to make my sidekicks
work. Highlight was him raising his knee and me sidekicking it
into his chest, then following up with a jab, jab and hook
punch combination while he was off-balance. Additionally I kept
hands closed and didn't block anything with my finger and get
it sprained like I did on Halloween. But I think I was far too
passive. I usually waited to counter one of his attacks; need to be
more offensive and aggressive. My defensive game was decent, though,
because his moves mostly didn't get through. What that means is that my
forearms took all of the beating, unfortunately. I also got hit in the
side by a kick. Very end I got lazy and my wrist bent while
doing a jab, and that stopped me for a second. He took advantage
of this and elbowed me in the chest. It was awesome.