Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Entry #48
Lots of work on the punching bag today. Practiced combintations rather
than just mindless punching, something that I get lazy with at times.
Also working on effective kicks which I've never really been able to
pull off in a match. Last time I fought George I attempted a few kicks
at the beginning but eventually just relied on boxing techniques; mine
were a joke. But he primarily used tae kwon do kicks, so
perhaps we can help each other out in our respective areas.

Need to focus on diet. Currently eating 8-9 times a day, but I
should increase the portion size on my afternoon meals. I should also
keep track of calories and aim for at least 4000 a day.

Entire body is sore from lifting yesterday and the day before. Great feeling, I say. Can't wait to hit the weights tomorrow.