Monday, February 21, 2005

Entry #44
Jumped higher than ever today, and managed to hold on to the rim in
basketball during PE. Was actually able to get entire hand over. The
progression on this goal has been awesome. I blame the squats.

Weighed myself. Gained 10 pounds since last time, which was a few months ago. None of it is bodyfat.

Back and biceps strength training today. Unfortunately, gym was
closed so had to make do with backyard equipment. Stacked every single
weight I had on the bar for dead lifts, and it felt like nothing.
Biceps are sore, however. Focused on keeping my upper arm completely
stationary and back dead-straight, isolating the effort into the
desired area of the arm. Unfortunately, had to drop a few pounds in
order to maintain perfect form, but on the other hand, they feel like
they've been worked more than they've ever been.

Tomorrow is bag training and shadow boxing to make up for the fact that today was all bodybuilding and no striking practice.