Monday, January 17, 2005

Entry #25
Yesterday was awesome. Except for the fact that I was running late, and
when I arrived everyone was already tired. Second time I've done that.
But at least I didn't sustain any injuries this time. I'm in the blue.

Me versus Andrew (Mixed Martial Arts):

Not a lot of action going on in those pictures, good thing the wrestling ones made up for it.


Me versus Malcom (Boxing):

^ Look at that chin sticking out, it's just begging to be clobbered. I gotta work on that.

Me versus Lucas (Grappling):


+ Cardio is better. Didn't tire out as quickly as last time. 

+ Good punching strength.

- Hands are still too low.

- Need to tuck my head in.

- Arrived late and everyone was already tired when I got there. Hahaoops.