Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Entry #198
The scale says 195lbs. I think I look the same, but cool. Unsure of what weight I want to cut at. Gonna break 200 though.
Upgraded to 105lb dumbbells for chest press. Actually, today was
refreshing after taking it easy for a few days. Gym, striking practice,
UFC, studying -- this is what everyday needs to include. Some
skateboarding would be nice, too.
Found a cool little kickboxing place just 10 minutes from my house. And
by "little" I mean a place where UFC fighters Koscheck and Fitch
trained at. Definitely going to check it out this week.


  1. I think you should go to 205 and cut down to 195, no joke.........Thats how it usually is for me...I'm at my lightest and my strongest right...see yah man

  2. Very cool, we're finally in the same weight class.Yeah, I got to 202 and I'm really cut at 193 (well...really cut for me that is =P). However, if you're still at low bodyfat, you could keep going.Good luck on the KB place.

  3. I think you should shoot for 350lbs in my opinion.

  4. I seriously wish I would get more fat on me quicker. I'm really anxious to cut.Chels, I've decided to go up to 350lbs just for you.

  5. You WANT fat? Wow.So much for wanting muscle...Hehehe