Sunday, August 21, 2005

Entry #154
Just did shadow-boxing today, along with stretches for flexibility. I
have a weird tendency to hold in when I jab; my arm doesn't fully
extend all the way. Have to work on breaking that habit. Hitting the
gym tomorrow with some refinements in my routine. Gonna try my hand at
some Olympic lifts for more explosive power.

Was a good weekend for UFC. Horn vs Liddell:


  1. nice. Liddell is a combination master. I really wanna see him & Vitor Belfort fight again.

  2. Heyyy hun got bored so i wanted to comment u...uhhh u dont wanna be like Arnold Schwarzenegger bc thats... Nasty reallyyy....ur fine tha way u r.                                         <3 Hannah

  3. That wasn't a KO punch, he got knocked down a bunch of times like that and then had to quit because he couldn't see through his swollen eyes.