Monday, August 15, 2005

Entry #149
I'm amazed. In my own time I thought I'd been doing the most intense
training, but some of the fighters I threw hands with were on a whole
different level. I have to learn to control my body like that. I'm
doing great with strength training. I don't even think they were
physically stronger than me. However, their technique was strides over
mine. I'm going to continue getting stronger, but I definitely
have more work to do.

Videos (I'm in the blue sleeveless shirt): Highlight video. I'm seen walking across the mat at one point, and at the end where I'm sparring George. I'm
not a ground-fighter, but I tried anyways...I did alright at the
beginning. I mounted him but was a little hesitant to attack him from
that position; it was a light sparring match, so I was wondering how
hard my punches should be. He returned the favor at the end. Was a good
experience nonetheless. I kept trying to get him in stand-up but he
insisted on tackling me and taking me to the ground. Not
that great, this was the last fight and I was pretty tired. No
headshots allowed either, because we didn't have headgear for that
round. Though now that I watch it, that bastard got me in the head
a bunch of times haha. I'm only putting this up so everyone can see me
getting kicked in the back of the head, courtesy of George.

Disappointed with a lot, but it really just makes me more
excited to get stronger and better. I like the challenge. (Arnold
voice) I'll be back.


  1. One my instructors would say that a second place ribbon is the best motivater there is. Keep up the training... hit it hard and heavy... come back stronger, faster, and with better technique. Good luck

  2. dang, I can't watch them :'(

  3. I can't either, not loading the plugin.

  4. you didn't mount him bro, you were in the guard but you almost got him in the halfguard before he scrambled up. That always used to happen to me too when I tried to pass guard, the guy would scramble up. The key is to keep your hips low and maybe stick your forearm up by his neck or on his chest and keep him down. Fun to watch though. Your striking looks pretty good and you look real explosive and quick. You had a pretty decent sprawl on some of his takedowns, you gotta train those like mad to be as good as guys like Chuck Liddell or Mirko Cro Cop. Keep it up.

  5. Tip - GameFAQS is not a good place to obtain fighting advice. 3/4 of the people are posers. Not bad at all for self-training....I've seen much worse.

  6. Haha well I told you I don't know about groundfighting...thanks for the advice, I really have a lot of work to do.
    Not sure why the videos aren't working for you two, I could send you them through AIM, though I doubt it'd be worth your time...they're not that great, save for the first one.

  7. hey make sure you comment me then.
     lots of love gretch