Thursday, August 11, 2005

Entry #147
Today was the last lifting session before the throwdown on Sunday. The
plan is to take it easy tomorrow and Saturday. Relaxing is going to
suck, but I'll do the best I can.

Today, I did deadlifts at 295 lbs for 6 reps. Was pretty tough.
We'll go for 315 lbs next time. I was going insane. I was talking to
the weights and insulting them, and then laughing. Trust me, it works.

"My workouts finished after seven, so I would ride my bike home
after every training session. Because my arms would be so numb from the
training, I often couldn't control the bike, and I'd fall into a
wayside ditch.
It was a fantastic feeling, lying in the ditch with my arms aching." -Arnold Schwarzenegger


  1. Yeah. Talking to the weights is awesome. Sometimes, when nobody's looking, I sing them songs about ascending to a higher point....

  2. Awesome quote... of course anything Arnold is awesome.

  3. haha arnold is so dumb. I like the cumming quote so much more, especially when you do it.

  4. wow thanks!! it sure is awesome talking to you again! we do go way back! you look awesome in your pic too! you look very strong and muscular teehee!  love ya cutie! <33

  5. you need to post the pictures of you with your swords like omg!!1111 roflmaooooo fusd09gud09ugpsdo

  6. I love the Arnold quote. 295 for 6?? Damn that's pretty good. You're making me jealous, I missed deadlifts because of my road trip. I'm probably gonna suck this whole week now, but I'll be doing 350 pretty soon here.