Thursday, July 7, 2005

Entry #126
Deadlift day: 235 lbs at 7 reps. Dead-lifts are kinda weird. For me
they hurt at first and I'm thinking "ARGHHHHH this hurts, am I gonna be
able to do this 7 times?" But that first rep is the hardest. Afterwards
they all feel the same. So I thought it might be too much at first, but
at the end I wasn't having much trouble. I think I can go much more
than 235 lbs for 7 reps.

Currently not doing the pull-ups/chin-ups portion of my endurance
training. Need to get access to a bar. Maybe I can install one in my
garage this weekend. At least that's an area I'm fairly strong in,
compared to my push-ups.

Worked on conditioning my shins on the bag with low-kicking drills.
This will definitely help next sparring session with George, my mortal


  1. appearently im falling behind on these fabulous comments. sorry bout not chatting with yo back.  the rent came in and kicked me off. psshhh. im still on here tho! lol
    confusing? yes def. lol

  2. hey man good to meetcha m name is Poncho from Texas. so yeah i appreciate the comment man everything helps to get me even more motivated. from what i see in your avvy looks like you got something going on from what i can see..keep it up man see maybe we can help each other out with some ideas. i really dont do much i just work come home workout sleep and all over again. so im a boring person that had to do something about my health. ut yeah man ill be adding you on dude oh and btw my max on dead lift was 315lbs se of 10 and i was shaking my back sucks but im still young at this game so im still training...peace man!