Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Entry #120
Bench day: Benched 205 for 4 reps. Ryan messed up my powerlifting
program last time and had me bench 225 for 2 reps. It's all mixed up
now. Trying to get everything back on track, and next time Ryan is my
spotter I'll punch him in the face.

Checking out Cung Le's place tomorrow.


  1. i still wanna see that movie!! oh thx for that comment. now you need to comment again! lol i know...im wierd. its all good. oh and good luck with the ryan thing. i would punch him too.

  2. I'm a grappler too though, so powerlifting doesn't really fit with that for back and shoulders.

  3. Nice Bench. I can squat more, just not for 8. My max squat has been 300lbs once.

  4. Don't punch him in the face! If you hit him in the head he'll just get dumber.

  5. Oh yeah, I'm not trying to do a dirty bulk. I am bulking though. I'm trying to eat clean, just more food than usual. At work, I don't eat the food. All the other employee's do, but I just can't put that stuff in my mouth knowing about all the shit that's in it. I got online and looked at the nutritional facts and ingredients.
    I've haven't seen not one guy or girl in there that looks like they've ever been in a gym. The past two days, I've seen more fat-asses than I have in the last 6 months!