Monday, June 6, 2005

Entry #107
Legs are dead today. Took it easy. Did some shadow boxing in my room. I couldn't help myself.

I'll hit the weightroom again tomorrow. Until then, stay tough.

Oh, today was George's 18th birthday. We did some sparring but it
was too casual to list as a real fight. Well here you go George, happy

I hope you like bullets.


  1. geez i wonder what your going to give me for my birthday... haha

  2. thanks for the comic link it made me laugh. thanks for cheering me up.

  3. No no I thank you, for reminding me of it, I just read it again and laughed for 5 minutes. Doom never gets old

  4. If you had read it Joey you'd know how awesome it is

  5. some freakin idiot sent me a virus. at lease i have my moms computer but i wont be on aim for like a week at lease at nitetime here much. ill try tho.