Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Entry #103
At school, George kicked a guy in the chest and sent him to the ground.
The guy was mocking him about being a "tough guy" or something like
that. I believe his exact words were "Ohhh you think you're so tough,
George? Some big tough guy? Oooooh what a macho-man nyeeeehhh", and
then George kicked him. The vice principal took him in his office and
said "So the other guy told me what you did to him, now let's hear YOUR
side of the story."
And George goes "Uh I kicked him in the chest."
the vice-principal laughed and told George his punishment is hard
labour of some sort. To which George replied "Whoa, cool." He invited
me to go, too. Should be fun.

Thursday is Senior Beach Day at school. We have to go to Santa Cruz
and hang out at the beach all day. George and I are going to take this
opportunity to train. Definitely expect a fight then.

Stay strong like Rambo

Monday, May 30, 2005

Entry #102
This is a pointless post. In fact, as I write this I am going insane.
I've been doing homework all day. I'm never going to take a day off
training ever ever ever again. I have so much energy right now I'm
going to break Jared's record of 400 push-ups in a few minutes. I've
just been sitting here doing a comic for homework. It's pretty cool.
Maybe I'll scan it. It's about a guy who goes to work but his office
gets attacked by zombies so he rips off his suit and fights the zombies
with heavy artillery. That includes his fists. One day that will be me.
I'm looking at my arm in the mirror and the entire thing is covered
with huge veins. They're like a roadmap on my arm. I'm going to bench
300 tomorrow, too. BANG BANG BANG

Friday, May 27, 2005

Entry #101
Fight today at school. Was walking to my locker during lunch when all
of a sudden George comes out of nowhere and jump kicks me in the back.
I stumble forward and my backpack was flattened from the impact. This
can only mean war. I rush forward and smash my fist into his solar
plexus. We trade punch combinations and then he side-kicks me in the
chest and we both fall back. Then we go out to lunch.

In PE we were supposed to go swimming but I just sat with Rene on
the bleachers by the pool and talked about training. It turns out that
at the beginning of the school year he only weighed 150 pounds. Now
he's 195. Is he on steroids or something? Wow. We were bored so we
measured our arms and my biceps are 15 inches in diamater. His are
16. This could be a good way to record progress.

I went skateboarding a little after school and then practiced on the
heavy bag. Doing endurance training along with strength program. Did 40
consecutive push-ups. By the end of summer I must reach at least 80.

Not a bad Friday.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Entry #100
Today at school George and I went to the front lawn to check out what
the Marines had set up. There was a giant helium-filled training course
along with a pull-up bar. Everyone was giggling and laughing and
jumping around on the training course, so we immediately went to the
bar. But we couldn't decide who should go first. We settled on a
punching contest: who ever punches the other in the stomach first wins.
We grabbed a random kid to be the judge, and at the count of five
we smashed our fists into each other. I won. George wanted two out of
three so we tried again and I won a second time. Thing is, we hadn't
settled on what that meant. So George just decided to go first. He got
to 14. When it was my turn the Marine told me if I get
to 20 he'll give me a shirt. I tried after and got to
15, but on one I didn't go down all the way so it got counted as 14. I
was kind of disappointed; I asked how many he could do and he said 20.
I held my fist at the Marine and told him I will come back next time
and destroy him in this. Then he shook my hand. I regret not taking any
pictures of this. Wasn't thinking of it at the time. But it was
awesome. Should have them over everyday.

One day I will be the strongest in the world.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Entry #99
Yesterday was a well-spent recuperation day. Today was supposed to be
bench day but I have to post-pone it until tomorrow; it's for a good
cause, though. Taking a driving test. I've never needed to drive
anywhere because this town is so small, I just skateboard everywhere.
But now I can go to the gym and not burn any calories when I'm trying
to bulk. Also, GNC is kind of far so I need a car to pick up N-LARGE
every week. Yes, those are the only reasons I'm getting a license. Heh
not really. But I will lift extra heavy tomorrow. Will try
225 pounds on the bench-press.

George let me drive his car on Saturday. This is us going to the store to pick up some groceries.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Entry #98
Worked with heavier weights today. Squats = 225 pounds. Leg press = 600
pounds. I have to admit I made a lot of noise today. It was a Sunday
night and there wasn't anyone there, anyways. Leg day is the most
painful, I think; I couldn't help but shout a little. It helped me get
the weight up, though. I'm getting closer and closer to Fred "Dr.
Squat" Hatfield and his 1,014 pound squat. Just a matter of time. In
between sets I used the speedbag.

Yesterday I hung out with George but we didn't fight. We did see
Star Wars Ep 3 and after we practiced pull-ups for the pull-up
competition at school next week. Each got to 15. Will practice up more.
It probably isn't a good idea to enter a pull-up contest in the middle
of gaining weight but oh well. Just for fun.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Entry #97
Yesterday was intense. Ryan spotted me. Can easily do 185
pounds at 8-10 reps now, on bench press. Gonna try 205
pounds next time. I was talking to Rene and he benches 295 for 5
reps. Argh I'll get that guy. Competition is good, though.

Haven't posted pics in a while. My progress in mid-bulking phase:

May, 2005:

^ Accidentally almost smiled in that, gotta be careful next time.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Entry #96
Will update tomorrow morning, dead tired now.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Entry #95
Hah this was funny.

Rene: When you and George fight, do you do headshots?
Me: If we have gloves at the time, yeah.
Rene: What if I fought you with no gloves?
Me: That'd be awesome.
Rene: You'd really do it? What if I had you on the ground and I was beating your face?
Me: Then I'd get my face beat, haha.
But like, in sports I get crazy and I keep going. Like in football I go
"RAAAAARGHH YEAH" in the guy's face after tackle. And what if I kept
pounding and pounding your face?
Me: I'd tell you to punch harder, wimp.
Rene: Haha.

That would be cool to spar Rene. I think he's more a straight
bodybuilder, though, not a fighter. As for today, just did rounds of
shadow boxing. Gonna hit the chest exercises tomorrow at the gym.


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Entry #94
Productive gym day. Started the powerlifting program over, so I did
squat day today. 205 pounds, 8 reps. Hope to raise that dramatically in
the next few weeks. Also raised the weight on leg press to 550 pounds,
but I feel I can go higher next time.

George came over and we went to the high school football field to
practice pull-ups for the contest. We each can do 15 with proper form,
more if we cheat on the remaining reps and use some body motion. Then
we had a climbing race by going up climbing up the back of
the bleachers. He won but I was wearing skate shoes and I kept
slipping. Afterwards we thought how cool it would be to climb the
stadium light and do pull-ups on the very top. The fear of death would
motivate you to keep going. Sounds like a plan.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Entry #93
George was telling me about a pull-up contest. Marines are coming to
the high-school to host it. I think I'll work for it if I can find
a good schedule to fit in endurance training. Anyways, we watched Clint
Eastwood movies until he had to leave for prom. I called him a wimp and
he shook his fist at me. That's the confirmation for a fight sometime
soon, so looking forward to that. Later I did boxing practice on the
bag for 10 rounds. Definitely need a heavier bag. Mine was flopping all
over the place. It's harder than most others I've tried before, though,
so my knuckles are beat again. Developing a solid hook, which I've
never really practiced before. Afterwards I worked on side-kicks. Total
of training was about 5 hours. Was a very good night, I'd say.
Entry #92
Woke up and realized my back pain was completely gone. Feels great.
Yesterday I was practically a cripple, now I'm better than ever. Been
eating well, especially at breakfast. Just had breakfast along with 4
scoops of N-Large, 1 spoon of flax oil, and a multi-vitamin pill.
Oh, I watched PUNISHER while I was eating, too. Gonna head over to
George's, but I don't think he wants to spar since he has to leave
for prom in a few hours. Wimp. Will update after training, today.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Entry #91
Was suffering minor back-pains from deadlift day, and just when I
figured I was over it, it came back today. In PE we went swimming, and
I was flipping off the high dive when I wrenched my back in the air.
Could barely move after school, so I didn't go lifting. I tried the
punching bag but the impact caused excruciating pain in my trap
muscles, and I didn't want them to explode or anything. Just gonna
do shadow boxing and work on speed. Restarting the powerlifting program
as of Sunday because last week was messed up.
Tomorrow is prom,
I'm gonna spend the day boxing. Might go to the park and practice
pull-ups on this tree I know. I love my life.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

Entry #90
I had a dream that I was doing incline bench pressing. Rep after rep of
benching. That's it. Then I woke up. Good way to start the day. Didn't
do weights; was sore from the dream (just kidding on
that one). 8 rounds on the bag. Knuckles are in pain right
now. Cut open my thumb as well, and this was all with gloves. I think I
need a heavier bag, though. Current one is 70 pounds and it swings
around too much.

Random, other good dreams I've had:
> I was Rambo and was killing wave after wave of enemies, and I died at the end.
I was getting beat up by two of my classmates who are on the wrestling
team and football team, one was holding me and the other was
punching, but I was fighting back.
> Missile was heading for me and my death was inevitable, so I punched it.

Ah, that put me in a good mood.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Entry #89
Was looking at my program and I realized I did it wrong, I was supposed
to do chest day yesterday, not deadlifts. Tomorrow was supposed to be
deadlift day. Today I was sore all over, just practiced some rounds on
the bag. Felt like my trap muscles were ripping apart on every
punch. I called it a day after just a few rounds. Gonna rest up and hit
the weights tomorrow again.

Look at Ali, training in the water XD

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Entry #88
Powerlifting is boring. Four minutes rest is too long. Compared to
bodybuilding, however, this is actually harder because the weight is so
much heavier. Before it was intense because the rest was only one
minute, but the weight was nothing, really. Interestingly enough,
the pain is different, too. Before it was sharp and more
concentrated. Now it's like a dull pain spread out in my
entire upper arm/back. But I actually like this better. Today was:

Deadlifts - 3 sets 8 reps
Barbell shrugs - 4 sets 10 reps
Bent over rows - 4 sets 10, 8, 6, 6 reps
Seated rows - 3 sets 8 reps
Pulldowns in front - 3 sets 8 reps
One arm dumbbell rows - 3 sets 8 reps

For some reason I've never seen anyone else in my gym do deadlifts.

Did a few rounds on the heavy bag. Combinations are getting more
fluid. I used to just swing single heavy punches. I'm gonna utilize
these next time I go against George.


Monday, May 9, 2005

Entry #87
First day of new program. I did:
Squats - 3 sets, 8 reps
Leg Press - 4 sets 10, 8, 6, 6 reps
Wide stance smith squat - 3 sets 6 reps
Leg extension - 3 sets 10 reps
Leg curl - 3 sets 10 reps

Took three to four minute rests in between sets, compared to
before when I only waited one minute. Consequently I was able
to keep my reps constant on the final sets due to
the longer rest. Still, it's not so different from my old bodybuilding
routine so far. At least for legs.

Boxing practice on the bag was only three rounds. Felt like my legs
were gonna collapse. I practiced strong hooks. In all my fights, be it
boxing or mixed martial arts, I've never attempted a solid hook. I
worked it into the final attack in some combinations.


Sunday, May 8, 2005

Entry #86
My muscles around the groin area are kind of sore. I took a break from
kicking and just did boxing practice on the bag. Five rounds, three
minutes each, one minute rest in between. Getting much more proficient
at combinations. I also practiced on good, fast jabs. I was kinda
impressed by this Muhammad Ali fight they had on ESPN today, haha. Ali
versus Chuvero. He never seemed to suffer from fatigue, all the way up
to the 15th round. His punches never slowed down. His jabs looked like
they took no effort to move that fast.

I have my new powerlifting routine all set-up, and I'm gonna start tomorrow: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/david3.htm
Yes, it's on a bodybuilding site, but they have some good powerlifters on there too.

Also, to continue my bad habit of going off-topic: this is my favorite comic ever.

Saturday, May 7, 2005

Entry #85
George came over, but there was no sparring match. I'll be sure to make
that the first thing we do next time. Wasn't in top shape today,
anyways. Yesterday during basketball, when I grabbed the rim I pulled a
muscle in my forearm as I was hanging on. Couldn't close my hand in all
the way to make a fist. It's better now, though.

Changing to a more strength-oriented lifting program starting Monday. Still constructing the schedule.

Friday, May 6, 2005

Entry #84
Cardio day, essentially. Played basketball four hours after
school. Managed to grab the rim three times. Afterwards we were fooling
around the courts and the kids asked me to teach them some boxing
stuff. Did a lot of exercises, actually. Also practiced kicks; I had
them sidekick me as hard as they could. Also did a goofy little
practice where one guy holds a marker, and pretends it's a knife, and
the other attempts to disarm him. If a mark is left on the arm, that
means they were stabbed, and they would be injured in a real situation,
so they lose. I managed to rush in and grab my opponent's arm,
twist it around, and begin the process of breaking it by the joint. The
verdict: I can't wait until I meet a knife-wielding thug on the
streets. Heh seriously, it was mostly just for fun, but I got some good
kicking practice in today through that. I managed to teach them some
discipline, too. The dance team was practicing next room in their
outfits, and all the guys would go by the door and watch through the
glass pane, and make whistling noises at them. I took this injured
kid's crutches, pointed it at them like a machine gun, and told them
"The Terminator doesn't look at girls. Neither should you." I
sure showed them.

Need to eat more. Been skipping meals all this week. I'm kind of a
perfectionist and I'm a lot more intent on getting all my meals in on
gym days; otherwise I tend to get lazy and skip some. It's like, either
go to the gym and eat a perfect 8 meals a day, or don't go to the gym
and slack off on eating. I need to stop that way of thinking.

May get to fight George tomorrow, depending on whether he's game or
not. We will see. Also, hopefully in summer without school there won't
be as many stories to tell so I won't go off-topic so much. But then
I'll probably be doing more stuff with George, and that'll make it

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Entry #83
Just to stray off-topic, which I do not like doing, but I feel is
necessary to so my head is more clear when I do train. Been distracted
at the gym before and it was a big waste of time in terms of
efficiency. I'd sit there and think about stuff before I realized that
6 minutes had gone by, when I was supposed to wait for only 1 minute.
So today George got a date to prom. Was the last day to purchase
tickets. Looks like I'm not going. Was actually feeling depressed and I
don't know why. Depression always means anger, mostly for me. I was mad
at George even. I was mad at everyone. I was mad at my locker, too; I
punched it, and made a huge dent in it. It looked awesome, like it was
a form of identification for me. Then I felt better. And then I
realized that punching makes me happier than going to prom would,
happier than anything would. So it's good now.

Entry #82
I'm making an entry early in the morning before school to vent out some
frustrations. Total of 4 hours of sleep, and I woke up late with no
time for usual breakfast, which takes an approximately an hour to
consume. Gonna post-pone lifting until tomorrow when I'm more in the
game and have more rest. Did a total of 16 one-handed push-ups on each
arm to wake me up.


I feel better already.

Monday, May 2, 2005

Entry #81
Didn't get to see George on the weekend. Better be one hell of a fight
this Saturday to make up for it. Anxious to hit the weights tomorrow.
Haven't eaten well today, and didn't get 8 hours of sleep. Today,
breakfast was huge, but the rest of my meals were lacking. Went on a
run to Lexington yesterday, and my cardio is through the roof, oddly
enough. Went the entire way without breaking a sweat. It's
weird because I'm bulking and I don't do much cardio. But I'm not