Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Entry #75
Not much training after the weekend so far. Tons of homework, and I
need to make grades a priority . . . so I can go to UC San Diego
and move there and attend the Black Tiger muay thai dojo, of course.
Also, today I was looking through a magazine and they have San Diego as
#8 on top schools in the U.S. with the best gym. Pretty cool. George
says the bad thing is it's notorious for being a party school, but it
won't affect me.

I have to focus more on diet on non-lifting days. Only ate 5
moderate meals today; need to eat like a savage tomorrow. Very anxious
to get back in the gym. I'm gonna be ferocious on the weights next



  1. hmm you should try to get some social activities into your life, so you can get laid before you graduate. infact sex is a good workout, try it.

  2. I fuckin' hate UCSD, but it'd be cool to have you home. What attracted you to Black Tiger? I was considering the place at one point.