Sunday, April 17, 2005

Entry #74
Weekend was a good break. Lower back is still sore from deadlifts on
Friday. My tub of N-Large is already finished. 10lb case gone in a
week. This is gonna get expensive.

Fought George in a new park last night. I was completely out of it.
Had the wind knocked out of me in all three rounds. In my defense I was
very sore from the heavy lifting all week, especially in my back.
Still, no excuse. I'll get him next time.

Before the fight we were watching some UFC dvds at my house.
George blames my poor performance on the Tito Ortiz vs. Patrick
Cote fight. Patrick danced around looking like a goblin,
his fat rolling over his blue tighties. Tito mounted him and gave him
elbows in the face for four minutes before the round was over. It
wouldn't have been so embarassing had Patrick not said before the fight
"If you thought Chuck Liddell hit hard, wait 'till you see me. Tito's
spirit is broken after his losses ... I'm going to kick his ass." I
guess his strategy was to break Tito's elbow by letting Tito nail him
in the face over and over. Yeah, shouldn't have watched that before the
sparring match.


"Your spirit is broken. Now is the time
to diie ...What? Hey, don't laugh ... blubber is very warm,
in wintertime ... Nyehh I'm gonna kill you ..."


1 minute later...


"OOF ummm this is exactly what I was planning ... your elbow won't last forever ..."


1 minute later...


"Mom ... just 5 more minutes, mom ..."



  1. I've decided that you have enough posts about this kind of stuff. you need to start writing about like, love, and your inner-most feelings and desires. Go!

  2. Never heard of "love", but my inner-most desire is to get stronger

  3. Hey its your life live how you want! cause ur like the best guy friend ever!!!
    --they call me...


  5. crap i wasnt finished and i pressed enter

  6. CRAP AGAIN. okay hahahahahahah my hair is NOOOOT perfect.. NOO NO NO NO NOOOO!!!! im gonna get it red or something like lindsay lohan's hair.. hmm.. hey porky, want a cracker?

  7. I'm baaaaaaaaack.