Saturday, April 30, 2005

Entry #80
Yesterday was mostly cardio, unfortunately. Didn't help with gaining
weight, but I had fun nevertheless. Played basketball for 7 hours
after school. Was at school, not at the gym (so no giant Ryan to tackle

Fight is post-poned until tomorrow. Took the opportunity to practice
more. Flexibility is improving. Primarily worked on side-kicks. Have
the height down, but I need to work on speed and power more.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Entry #79
Mostly did boxing training today. Practiced combinations. I've realized
that in matches I give it my all in the first round, and after that I'm
tired. That's why I lost the fight with Marty in September. Well, and
my braces ripping up my mouth, but that's no excuse. I should try
wearing out the opponent for a few rounds, and not waste energy.
Afterwards, did 15 one-handed push-ups. But I can only get up to 8 on
my left arm. Improving faster than expected, however.

PE was hilarious today. The teacher brought out pogo-sticks,
hula-hoops, and jump-ropes. I just used the jump-rope at first, which
is something I should get for home-use to practice good footwork. After
a bit Rene brought out a medicine ball and we took turns throwing it as
hard as we could at each other, and the first person to drop it would
lose. Was pretty tiring, actually. We had a crowd around us after a
bit. No one lost, though.

Fight with George on Saturday. And possible throwdown next weekend.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Entry #78
Having trouble finding words to describe my feelings at the gym today. Best I can do is:


Did legs today. Squats hurt. Noticeable size increase in calves.

Saturday was pretty funny. George rang the doorbell, I opened the
door and say in my deepest voice "What the hell do you want." He
responds "I want you." Then he grabs my neck and pulls me out. I
upper-cut his chin and he comes back with a sidekick to the chest. I
counter it with a combination to his front and he does the same. I
catch him with a strong punch to the stomach that sends him reeling
back. Then we go inside and play videogames. The only way to greet a
friend, I say. More serious fight next week, I promise.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Entry #77
Did shoulders today and I mixed everything up in order to encourage
more stress and growth. Entire upper body is sore. Tried super-sets on
abs for the first time. Managed to finish my N-Large in record time for
breakfast. Very difficult to finish that drink; with milk it has 1,000
calories. And I took that directly after breakfast.With it I plan on
getting to a lean 200lbs by summer vacation. But I think breakfast is
the hardest part, harder than lifting even. Breakfast today: 1 bowl of
Total cereal, 8 egg whites, 4 slices of wheat toast, fruit, 1 serving
of N-Large.

Reconsidering about not going to prom. George made it
sound kind of good. He said we don't have to do any dancing
or anything at all; we can go crazy on all the food, and spar
everynight. Fighting in a tux would be pretty cool. Eating tons of
food and fighting? Sounds like good training to me. We'll see.

Tomorrow should be another fight in the park with George. Veins are pumped already.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Entry #76
Officially 175 pounds as of today, which is 15 pounds more than when I
last weighed myself months ago and 5 pounds more than I estimated when
people would ask. None of it is fat. Maybe not that impressive but I've
always been way too light for my liking so it's cool for me. Few
years ago I was 130; I hated that.

Didn't get to do any striking practice today. Good thing tomorrow is
Friday. Punching bag 'till midnight? Sounds good to me. Back to eating
8 large meals a day. Weightlifting was chest and triceps. I added more
super-sets to 1.) Up the intensity and 2.) allow me to get more work
done in a lesser amount of time, which in turn is also increasing
intensity. But are all these super-sets conductive to strength training
and martial arts? Routine is still changing. 

Show up at my house for midnight training session tomorrow. Yeah, I mean you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Entry #75
Not much training after the weekend so far. Tons of homework, and I
need to make grades a priority . . . so I can go to UC San Diego
and move there and attend the Black Tiger muay thai dojo, of course.
Also, today I was looking through a magazine and they have San Diego as
#8 on top schools in the U.S. with the best gym. Pretty cool. George
says the bad thing is it's notorious for being a party school, but it
won't affect me.

I have to focus more on diet on non-lifting days. Only ate 5
moderate meals today; need to eat like a savage tomorrow. Very anxious
to get back in the gym. I'm gonna be ferocious on the weights next


Sunday, April 17, 2005

Entry #74
Weekend was a good break. Lower back is still sore from deadlifts on
Friday. My tub of N-Large is already finished. 10lb case gone in a
week. This is gonna get expensive.

Fought George in a new park last night. I was completely out of it.
Had the wind knocked out of me in all three rounds. In my defense I was
very sore from the heavy lifting all week, especially in my back.
Still, no excuse. I'll get him next time.

Before the fight we were watching some UFC dvds at my house.
George blames my poor performance on the Tito Ortiz vs. Patrick
Cote fight. Patrick danced around looking like a goblin,
his fat rolling over his blue tighties. Tito mounted him and gave him
elbows in the face for four minutes before the round was over. It
wouldn't have been so embarassing had Patrick not said before the fight
"If you thought Chuck Liddell hit hard, wait 'till you see me. Tito's
spirit is broken after his losses ... I'm going to kick his ass." I
guess his strategy was to break Tito's elbow by letting Tito nail him
in the face over and over. Yeah, shouldn't have watched that before the
sparring match.


"Your spirit is broken. Now is the time
to diie ...What? Hey, don't laugh ... blubber is very warm,
in wintertime ... Nyehh I'm gonna kill you ..."


1 minute later...


"OOF ummm this is exactly what I was planning ... your elbow won't last forever ..."


1 minute later...


"Mom ... just 5 more minutes, mom ..."


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Entry #73
Going to post my meal tomorrow so I can get a calorie count for the
day. Hope to have it around 5,000. I have also declined from going Los
Angeles to stay and train here. I didn't want to go to
Universal Studios anyways; I've been sore at them ever since last time
I went on their Jurassic Park ride and there was no T-Rex killing
something. This N-Large2 is working great. Adds a ton of calories. Hope
to gain a lot soon.


Monday, April 11, 2005

Entry #72
Paid a visit to GNC and picked up a 10lb case of N-Large2 (chocolate
flavor!), multivitamin capsules, and flax seed oil. I should gain good
weight off this, but I'm still debating whether to take creatine or
not. My mom was freaking out thinking that I was buying steroids but I
explained what they were so it's good now.

"What is this!" she yells looking at the N-Large vat. "You bought
steroids?!" "No mom, it's just protein with a bunch of weight-gaining
stuff." "What about these!" she says looking at the vitamins. "These
are steroids!" "Those are just vitamins, read the ingredients." "Well
you're still overdoing it, we don't want to look disgusting and veiny
like Arnold now!" "Yes we do mom." Haha.

I did chest and triceps today and my arms are so sore that I
honestly feel any striking practice I do will just be detrimental in
the long run; my form and power would be terrible if I tried right now.
I instead took this opportunity to practice kicks. At the gym I kept
the session under an hour but with increased intensity with 1.) Shorter
rest time between sets and 2.) supersets for chest. Supersets =
torture. Love it.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Entry #71
Really been slacking off on eating, especially this past week. Tonight
I went to the store. Steak, eggs, chicken pot pies, beef jerky for
snacks, and cottage cheese for before bed. I'm loaded. Tomorrow I plan
on going to GNC for some supplements. So my future diet is looking
good. Must eat 8 meals a day, maybe even 9, and at least 4,000 calories
-- maybe even 5,000.

Friday, April 8, 2005

Entry #70
Basketball all day today. After school I played Carlos, Alexi,
and Jean (wow, what a group) in the school gym. I did so much
jumping I had massive cramps in my calves after a bit. I was jumping to
grab the rim and all of a sudden my leg muscles feel like they
exploded. Also, Carlos wanted me to hold my hand out and give him a
boost so he could reach up and grab the ball when was it was stuck in
the overhang. Instead I reach down to his legs and throw him up
practically, but he kicked me accidentally in the groin. I had to
work with cramped up legs and sore groin. Good training, I say. When we
were taking a break these girls who were watching wanted to know how to
do a kick-up so I showed them. And then I showed Carlos how to do
one-handed push-ups. I was able to do 12, but he couldn't do any yet.
He wants me to train him in boxing, so that should be interesting.

Tomorrow should be another good fighting day with George. Hopefully I'll check out the muay thai school on Sunday.

Thursday, April 7, 2005

Entry #69
I'm going to change my routine completely to include more supersets.
Also plan on going to Vitasport this weekend for some supplements.
Next week for spring break my dad and I are going to Los Angeles
to see some of his buddies. I'll have to find some way to train in the
hotel. I wonder if they'd allow me to hang my punching bag in the room?
I'll definitely bring my board and go skating by Huntington beach. I
found an interesting way to record my progress -- I tried on my
wristguards and elbow pads from a year ago and they wouldn't fit
my arms at all. I have to buy new ones if I want to go to a skatepark
but on the other hand it's pretty cool.


I secluded myself away from friends, away from girls, away from
pleasure; all that mattered was rippling muscle and torturous training.
Iron was all I knew.

Monday, April 4, 2005

Entry #68
Intense as hell today (chest, tris, abs). Noticed my chest is much
thicker in the last few months. Thinking about bringing a
small notepad and a pen next time I lift. During exercises I'll
often have a question or two in the back of my head about it and I make
a mental note to research it at home, and then later I forget. I'll
look like a big dork, but oh well. If I write fast I should still have
45 seconds for a stretch between sets (1 minute break in total between
each set).

As for actual fighting, decided not to use shin guards next time.
Not that we did before, but my shin got destroyed on Saturday and
that's what I suggested. Instead I've decided to build on my weakness
and spend time conditioning my shins on the punching bag. (Haha next is
my head! I'll train by headbutting a brick wall 1,000 times
everyday. Then I can headbutt thugs and kill them.)

Saturday, April 2, 2005

Entry #67
Fight today with George: took place at Vasona Park this time. Focused
on attacking more; I started off immediately with a side-kick which he
blocked but was nevertheless an improvement over previous efforts. Few
minutes into the match I dropped him because he got hit in the groin.
Sucked. I say I lost that one. After he recovered I attempted more
kicks only to get my shin destroyed. I had to stop after a bit because
of it.

Second round we decided to do all punches so I could lay off kicking
with my shin. I was dominating in this one; boxing is my specialty. I
took the offensive and kept coming forward absorbing everything he
threw, while pummeling him with my own and knocking him back. I
honestly didn't feel anything, until the very end when he knocked the
wind out of me with one in the stomach. Very disappointing to be
winning and then to go down with one punch because of laziness. If
anything this taught me to not get relaxed and let my guard down.

I need to condition my shins so I don't have to stop in the middle
of a fight because I can't stand. I'll be using them on the hard part
of my punching bag for the next week until the next match. Also tried
one-handed push-ups and I was able to do 11. Improvement over a few
weeks ago when I could only do 4.