Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Entry #65
Yesterday was leg day. Getting more stable with squats; raise the
weight next time. Afterwards played basketball with Coach and his
friend. Hah I felt like I had been in a fight, he tackled me so many

Today was rest day but I practiced a bit on the punching bag. Wasn't
able to work on kicks due to sore legs. Went bare-knuckle today. Need
to condition my knuckles more. I also practiced punching a wall at
school in PE. Additionally everytime there's an open locker on the top
row in the locker rooms I side-kick it shut. The top row is well above
my head so I get great practice with this. Looks like PE is more useful
than I initially thought. Even though Renee makes fun of me for doing
it. But he won't be smirking when one day I kick his head off.

Next week I have to dress up as Bruce Lee for a book report. Found some cool icons so I'll post them here.




  1. hope ur legs get better. and on the kicking the locker shut...well my guy friend, he shuts it with his head////talk bout an idiot.
    hope u join us for twister! lmao
    much love,

  2. yeah join us for twister!

    ....*runs away*

  3. Well I'm commenting because I said so. Oh em gee...okay!
    Hope you had a good resting day ;o