Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Entry #61
Worked back and biceps today. Raised weight for deadlifts. Felt like my
spine was going to snap. Also practiced sidekicks but did not get a
chance at the punching bag. Tomorrow I'll be working on that. Been
putting in lots of kickwork these past two weeks. This weekend I'll
finally see if I can make them work in a real match.

At school we had an assembly about prom. Almost makes me feel sad
I'm not going. Almost. I'm thinking of having an all-night martial
arts session on it but everyone is already going, with their dates.
Fine you losers! :p

Fight this weekend.


  1. i'll gooo!!!!!! plleeasee! lol
    <3 me

  2. Spine snap feeling? Could that possibly be bad?
    Good luck with fight. Is it against George again?
    Remember, soccer kick to the nuts = INSTA WIN!! kekekeke

  3. Heh it's a good kind of pain, and yeah the fight is against George. No one else around here fights