Sunday, March 13, 2005

Entry #55
Fought very carelessly today. First round he nailed me dead in the
chest with a roundhouse, but he was left open and I countered with a
punch-combination. Landed three consecutive strikes on his side,
and then he turned his back mid-combo and that's where my last hit
landed. He did a back-kick right to my stomach AS I punched him in the
back of the head. Then we both collapsed. It was awesome.

Second round wasn't so awe-inspiring. I made the first move
and jabbed his midsection. That was the sloppiest jab I've
ever had the misfortune of executing. My thumb was sticking straight
out and I jammed it, and my wrist was loose. He pretty much won that

Continued on and I realized my shin was completely dead from my
attempted high kicks. Had to rely on pure boxing attacks, which is
actually what I'm most comfortable with, but even that fell short
because my left hand was useless. Highlight was a hard side punch
that knocked him back a few feet. He responded with a side kick that
went all the way up and connected with the side of my head. I shrugged
it off but at the end I nearly passed out from the dull roar that was
in my skull. I scolded him for not managing to kick my head off my neck.

Sustained more injuries than last week. Need to learn how to protect
myself better. Just ran into attacks and took them full force. We both
got beat up, so all in all fair results. I will be working on
maintaining better technique on the punching bag so I don't embarass
myself with another punch like that.

Damage: shredded right forearm, bright red abs, most likely bruised skull cavity, stiff left hand, swollen shin. Not bad.


  1. what do u do everyday? u make it sound as if ur Bruce Lee or something. =)

  2. ugh i moving down there so i can be ur freakin doctor...
    Damage: shredded right forearm, bright red abs, most likely bruised skull cavity, stiff left hand, swollen shin. Not bad. """"
    ur gonna kill ur self lmao. but its ok u got me! lol u can come down to my house this weekend we will start the yard work again lol

  3. Geez man do you ever used sparring gear? I mean at least used head protection or something. sounded like a good sparring match though.

  4. Nice site, I like the ong bak pic! That movie is awesome. What martial art do you study?

  5. Hey there.  You commented on my site and I want to say thank you very much, its reatly appreciated.  Now reading your Xang..
    I really hope you're okay.  Those sound like seriosu injuries.  I mean, I know friends who do martial arts and get injured, but wow, that sounds like a lot of collateral damage on ya.  Please get better cuz now I'm worried that you might really be hurt.  Try to recover and don't go to rough on the damage there next time.  I'm sure you'll do better.

  6. Been unofficially (no lessons) practicing martial arts for 4 years and weightlifting for 3 years. I do boxing on my own and tae kwon do with an experienced friend right now, and in summer i'm taking muay thai.
    Haha and no we don't use any sparring gear. Probably going to use shin guards next time, though. I'm a lot better now, anyways. Only needed a day to rest. And yeah Ong Bak was awesome
    Thanks for the comments guys

  7. You left me a comment on my Xanga asking about LOK. I take it you mean Legacy of Kain? It's the only thing I can figure. But, yes, I do. I've played the entire collection. I have yet to beat any of the new 3, however.

  8. ^ Yeah Legacy of Kain, that's awesome, I have all of them. Just beat Defiance

  9. Sould Reaver was fun...
    Damn dude, you and George are like, little masochists. Pretty sweet. Julian (The big white-mexican kid) wants to have another boxing day soon. Might do it, not sure yet, I'll let ya know.

  10. I played Soul Reaver in 8 grade, still just as good as ever.
    Yeah heh Julian was cool, I had that boxing match with him last time. Looking forward to anything you guys come up with

  11. By the way, the music on my Xanga is from the LOK series, recognize it?

  12. where did u find your music? i just picked a random song that i thought sounded good with my wallpaper

  13. I got mine on, they have the music from the game. But yours is already cool

  14. Yeah, Soul Reaver was days ago last time I played it. I wonder what happened to it, cause I don't see it with the majority of other computer games I have.  And man, your music never loads for me, it did for a while, but then just stopped. For somereason, your page also freezes my computer for about 15 seconds every time I check it. I blame the government, and 56k.