Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Entry #30
P.E. in school was awesome today. I'm the only senior in the class and
the only one who actually enjoys fitness. Usually, when we go out for
the mile run she allows everyone to just walk the corners and run the
straight-ways, but I'm always the only one who runs the whole way. I
always come in first and have to wait for everyone. Today, however, was
a new semester, and there were some new kids in the class. As I was
running the mile I noticed a new kid running faster than me
as he passed by me. I couldn't believe my eyes. Not only was there
someone else actually running, they were ahead of me. In the end
he beat me, and another guy came in right behind me. I was mad
that I lost, but I knew these two were a gift from God. P.E. won't be
nearly as boring as before. Next time, I'll be first again. And I
talked to the first guy in the locker room, he's pretty cool. I try as
hard as I can on my own, but it's still good to have some motivation in
the class.

At home, I set up the bag and did bare-knuckle sessions on it for
three minute rounds. Need to condition my knuckles more, no more
gloves. Going back to the gym tomorrow.

Words of wisdom:

"My fist is drenched with blood -- the blood of death!!"  --Akuma



  1. sounds good! Now that you've got some good competition and motivation in class.
    whats your time on miles btw?

  2. hello. propin ya xanga. sounds like ur into bare knuckle brawlin, awesome! gotta love a guy who knows how to kick some ass! hehe

  3. Last recorded mile time was 5:36, I'm going to break 5 though. What about you?

  4. 5:36!!!! My miles like 8'ish. Damn, but then again, I hate running with a passion, so go figure.