Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Entry #26
Taking a few-day break from lifting due to sore shoulders and arms. Not
a big deal, but I've also been having trouble with my gym account and I
should wait until that gets cleared up, so I have a valid excuse. In
the meantime, I'm working on push-ups as well as bag-work.

Yesterday, I got up to 35 push-ups. That is very bad. I need to
drastically build up my endurance. I've spent too much time
worrying about my bench-press and I've been neglecting push-ups every


  1. wow..I can do maybe 6 push ups?

  2. Heh, well my friend once did 400 push-ups, and I can't help but compare my number to his (you know who you are, Jared).

  3. Yeah, he did it, haha. Just once so he could see how many he could do. Afterwards he had to take painkillers because it hurt so bad.