Monday, January 17, 2005

Entry #25
Yesterday was awesome. Except for the fact that I was running late, and
when I arrived everyone was already tired. Second time I've done that.
But at least I didn't sustain any injuries this time. I'm in the blue.

Me versus Andrew (Mixed Martial Arts):

Not a lot of action going on in those pictures, good thing the wrestling ones made up for it.


Me versus Malcom (Boxing):

^ Look at that chin sticking out, it's just begging to be clobbered. I gotta work on that.

Me versus Lucas (Grappling):


+ Cardio is better. Didn't tire out as quickly as last time. 

+ Good punching strength.

- Hands are still too low.

- Need to tuck my head in.

- Arrived late and everyone was already tired when I got there. Hahaoops.




  1. okay, totally random but funny story
    last night I was looking at those pics while doing my hw & my mom came in, saw the screen & started freaking out because she thought I was looking at some sort of gay porn, lol
    You look tough but I bet I could beat you up :)

  2. oh yeah, I forgot to mention.. SEXXAY SEXXAY SEXXAY!!

  3. Haha, you must have been at the wrestling ones. Sorry about that. If you want to try, feel free to show up next time. We usually have good food going on, too.

  4. No problem. Just tell your parents you're going out of state to fight someone you've never met at a location where there is minimal adult supervision and no required protective gear, and they should help you arrange something. Usually works for me.

  5. lol yes!! I think I could take you.

  6. Hey, we DO require gloves... and mouth guards are recomneded...
    Hehehe, nice pics, I've been too lazy to really update a full story about the boxing day onto my xanga, but yeah, you need to work on that time thing. Oh, and my nose hurt for like 2 days after you clocked me with that punch. It was awesome, you really do got some good punching power.