Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Entry #16
Haven't been doing as much as I'd want to because of this research
paper due Wednesday. Tomorrow is judgement day . . . once this thing is
over, I'm going lifting again. Tomorrow. I promise. Today kicked ass,
though. We did tackle football in PE when the teacher was away watching
the majority of the class play, what's that game again, uh . . . oh
yeah, tennis. Anyways, most of the kids wanted to do that, so the 10 of
us went by ourselves to the field for football. Then many of the kids
playing football wanted to stop, and as soon as the girls left, we did
tackle football (I wanted to do it even with the girls but everyone
else was being a wuss). Then we lost more players who wanted to go talk
or something. Basically, it ended with 4 guys tackling each
other. I didn't go down once. Good warm-up for tomorrow.

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