Saturday, October 23, 2004

Entry #11
Never said how the fight went. It was between me and Marty Wood. They were two minute rounds, 1 minute breaks.

Me: 6'0
165 pounds
Little experience, this was my sixth fight

Him: 6'0
145 pounds
Experienced fighter, has won 20 fights

Round 1: He won, hands down. Gave me a bloody nose, and my lips got cut up from my braces. Note to self: use mouth guard!

2: He won, got me in the face a lot and I started bleeding everywhere
again. I got some good hits though, it wasn't a slaughter like the
first round. He got frustrated.

Round 3: I won. His punches got
pretty predictable, he took the offensive though. He kept coming after
me and I kind of kept backing away, but almost all of his punches
missed, while I got a lot of good hits in. I think he got really mad
and he forgot to use technique. I don't like how I backed up a lot,
though. I need to stop doing that, even though I won.

Round 4: Tie. Neither of us got good hits in.

Then after about 10 minutes I fought another guy, Marty said he was done fighting.

5: I won. He only got the side of my head a few times, and never the
front. I was able to deal with those pretty easily. At the end I got
him really hard right in the middle of his face and that got him really
mad. He went crazy and started throwing punches everywhere, then tired
himself out.

I had fun, the blood was worth it. My nose is fine
now, but my mouth feels like swiss cheese from braces. Need a mouth
guard for next time.

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